Choosing The Best Radar Detector

We all are aware that installing a radar detector in the vehicles is a smart option. This is true especially if you have ever received a speeding ticket, you would be aware of the hassles it causes. A radar detector is a clever investment that can monitor and determine if a police with a radar gun to check for speeding vehicles is around.

The radar detector will notify the driver who in turn can slow down the vehicle and avoid getting a speeding ticket. But with time radar detectors have no more the simple device they used to be. There are several features and options available. Making the right choice is crucial.

How to find the best radar detector for your vehicle?

One can have a look at the choices in the best radar detector 2017 to look for the latest features. Following are some features to look out for:

  • The range of the radar detector: This is vital, as for how soon it alerts the driver decides how soon he/she can slow down the vehicle. The range is better in rural areas as compared to urban areas where there are more obstacles and chances of false alarm. Choosing a detector with options for rural and urban driving can be a good option.
  • Detection of POP mode: Police have come up with latest radar guns to counteract against radar detectors. These include POP modes which have a very low frequency and are very difficult to detect. However, opting for the latest radar detector that can detect the POP mode of radar guns is a good choice.
  • Portable: While it is common for radar detectors to be compact and easily plug into the 12V output in the car. The newer models are battery operated, making these radar detectors portable, and better to use.
  • Auto-Learn: This feature is important especially while driving in urban areas. The radar detector automatically learns the false signals and lessens the chances of a false alarm.
  • Radar Detector with GPS navigation: This is a highly beneficial feature, and works double as a radar detector as well as GPS navigator.
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