What is a car power inverter and why should you buy it?

Car power inverter is an interesting term. If you want to understand what a car power inverter is, it is important to understand the difference between AC and DC current. AC current is what you receive from electricity outlets in your home whereas DC current is how it is stored in batteries.

Now most of the electrical appliances work on AC current. When there is no power, you use this battery stored power to run your devices. That means you need a device that should be able to convert DC power in to AC one. Inverter is such a device. When used in car, the device is known as car power inverter.

Power inverter for car enables you to use electrical appliances while you travel. The DC power of the battery allows you to use AC devices on the road. So take your devices from home, plug it into your car’s battery and enjoy them as normal.

If you are the one who spends lots of time on road, you can get several benefits out of your car inverter. The feature is specially designed for businessmen who keep on travelling for their business tours, for people who love camping and for over-the-truck drivers.

Smaller devices like phones and laptops can be directly plugged-in into the cigarette lighter or accessory jack with a 12V jack. Other devices you can run on power inverters are:

  • Televisions
  • DVD or Bluray players
  • Game systems
  • Catalytic heaters
  • Cooking equipments
  • Power tools

There can be various reasons which compel you to buy the best power inverter for car available in the market. It can benefit you in many ways and keeps you connected to the outer world even on long journeys. Here a few reasons why you should buy a power inverter for car:

  • You can plug-in your invertors, DVD players and a lot of recreational equipments which will keep you entertained during your journey. You can even run videogames on the power inverters.
  • It solves your purpose of charging either it is your phone or laptop. It readily provides the high output voltage required to charge laptops frequently.
  • You can charge your laptop for long hours without even worrying about the backup of power inverter and can keep on working on it.
  • You can run your kitchen appliances on power inverter like heaters or blenders, just anything you want.

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