What is the Difference between Alloy and Steel Wheels?

Just as we concentrate on our steering, seats, seats covers and observe on how they look apart from performance, it is important to look at your tires and wheels periodically too. These are important parts of the vehicle which also constitute the main components for safety! There are two different types of wheels, alloy and steel available in mag wheels Australia. The preference towards each is attributed with certain qualities.

  • We see alloy wheels on most cars these days as they are visually approving and are good when it comes to performance too. Steel wheels on the other hand are never a visual treat.
  • Unlike steel, alloy could be worked on and cast into various designs. This opens up a lot of space for customization. Many car owners these days prefer a unique design and hence go for alloy wheels.
  • Steel wheels are on the heavier side when compared to alloy. Alloy being on the lighter side, aids in better acceleration which results in better performance.
  • Steel wheels are stronger then the alloy wheels which means lesser bends and cracks. For travel in areas which are bumpy are rough, steel wheels will be preferred as alloy wheels might bend or crack in spots.
  • Alloy wheels are cosmetic in the sense, they could be painted, polished, and chromed and could have various types of finishing too.
  • Alloy wheels are comparatively expensive than steel wheels. When you do not have the budget for alloy or you prefer going for a second pair as just backup, steel wheels are the best choice.
  • If you own a truck and use your heavy vehicle for load and unloading are not into looks, then steel wheels would top your chart as they are strong and maintained rough and tough and will work ideally for your lifestyle. Alloy wheels will be suitable for all those fancy cars.
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This Is Where You Must Go When You Want To Lease a Van


With a start up in line:

A couple of years ago when I had starting planning a start up, there was one thing that I had to zero in on and that was to find a van leasing company that had not only the best vehicles for lease but also the best deals in the whole of Edinburgh on those vehicles!

So, did I find one?

Of course, with so much scouting and then asking everybody and then reading pages and pages on the internet had to yield great results. Obviously, initially I was confused because they all had different parameters at which they were really good. The big revelation that I had from this experience was that there was not one company that was good at everything.

Then, I spoke to a close friend who had also started a business a few months ago and that of delivery of goods from the farms to the city. He let me on to his secret that there were some very good van leasing deals Edinburgh had. As soon as I heard about the van leasing company that my friend described I instinctively decided to go for it.

The best sales team ever:

This leasing company had a fleet of the most recently launched vans and almost all of them were good enough for my work. Besides, the mileage offers that the company offered was too good to be true.

The best part was the buying of the van:

At the end of the lease period, I had the option of paying a balloon payment which sounded so reasonable that I thought it was indeed a good idea to own the vehicle. The ides was in fact to start owning a fleet slowly so that the dependence on these leasing companies was reduced. I am proud to say that in only five years for that first leasing, today the company boasts of ten owned vehicles and all of them bought at extremely good rats from the same leasing company by paying balloon payments. Why don’t you try them?


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Choosing The Best Radar Detector

We all are aware that installing a radar detector in the vehicles is a smart option. This is true especially if you have ever received a speeding ticket, you would be aware of the hassles it causes. A radar detector is a clever investment that can monitor and determine if a police with a radar gun to check for speeding vehicles is around.

The radar detector will notify the driver who in turn can slow down the vehicle and avoid getting a speeding ticket. But with time radar detectors have no more the simple device they used to be. There are several features and options available. Making the right choice is crucial.

How to find the best radar detector for your vehicle?

One can have a look at the choices in the best radar detector 2017 to look for the latest features. Following are some features to look out for:

  • The range of the radar detector: This is vital, as for how soon it alerts the driver decides how soon he/she can slow down the vehicle. The range is better in rural areas as compared to urban areas where there are more obstacles and chances of false alarm. Choosing a detector with options for rural and urban driving can be a good option.
  • Detection of POP mode: Police have come up with latest radar guns to counteract against radar detectors. These include POP modes which have a very low frequency and are very difficult to detect. However, opting for the latest radar detector that can detect the POP mode of radar guns is a good choice.
  • Portable: While it is common for radar detectors to be compact and easily plug into the 12V output in the car. The newer models are battery operated, making these radar detectors portable, and better to use.
  • Auto-Learn: This feature is important especially while driving in urban areas. The radar detector automatically learns the false signals and lessens the chances of a false alarm.
  • Radar Detector with GPS navigation: This is a highly beneficial feature, and works double as a radar detector as well as GPS navigator.
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Your Perfect Guide To Buy The Best Portable Navigator

An impeccable advancement in the market of navigators is the introduction of the portable navigator. These navigators are made to be used in your vehicle. However, since they are portable and offer countless features, they are considered as one of the most adaptable and navigation system available in the market. With so many options and models available around it, it is definitely a task to pick the one that fits our needs perfectly. Below are the means by which you can narrow down your search to a very large extent.

Main factors to consider while selecting portable navigator:

Here are some of the aspects you must think about before finalizing on a particular portable navigator-

  1. The size of the device: Majority of portable navigators offer touchscreen display that is mostly ranging in size from 3.5 inches to 7 inches. It is very easy for the users to mount navigators that have small screens and also offers a full view of the road. On the other hand, large displays generally provide more functions and control. For example, a larger display will let you view the map along with several other menu options as well. In the case of a small screen, you might just get to see the map and maybe just a few other menu options. So ensure that you pick a piece that does not turn out to be a hindrance in viewing the road properly.
  1. Good voice control: Voice-enabled navigation system is turning out to be really common these days. It allows the user to find out the correct location without touching the system. There are such systems too where you just need to mention a keyword loudly and the navigator will inquire where you wish to go. With required details, the device will identify the destination and show you the route accurately. This is definitely a safer option as you might lose control while driving if you start typing your destination in the system.
  1. Additional helpful features: Some of the portable navigators offer additional functions for user’s convenience. There might already be a built-in dash camera and the famous MP3/WMA playback capability in your system. Some sections of the device are even expandable and have A/V input and output option for devices including DVD player, rear-view camera, and more. Other features that will overwhelm passionate drivers like you include radio bluetooth auto, map updates, traffic updates, 3D building graphics, app compatibility, lane guidance, warning updates for sensitive traffic zones and others.

Keep these important factors in mind when you are out to buy a portable navigator, for you want a product as reliable and proficient as the navigatore alfa 159.…

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Android For Your Car

The car of today is driven not just by fossil fuels, but, also by technology. As engineering as surpassed itself, so have the things that fit into a four wheeled automobile. At the forefront of technological innovations are the luxury cars – companies like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, etc, are powering a revolution and everyone is trying to catch up.

Ever since radio could be played in cars, the space between the steering wheel and the glove box has turned into prime real estate. Since then, the kind of systems that create a great ambience while driving have become sleeker and a lot more feature-packed.

Among the luxury cars on the road today, BMW is at the forefront as an innovator. Ever since the invention of the smartphone, automobile manufacturers have been trying ways in which to integrate the smartphone into the driver’s console.

To that end, Apple and Google’s Android have launched their respective car radio services. Autoradio android auto carplay are the names of the two systems that power vehicles today.

To put it simply both these systems are skeletal versions of your phone’s OS that allow you to drive without losing out on vital text, messaging and other alerts.

There are quite a few auto companies that are taking on integrating these apps within their own consoles. Among them is BMW. However, BMW has stuck with Apple’s CarPlay. Autoradio BMW E46 info is hard to come by, because the company has irrevocably said that it will use only a single company’s driving interface in its cars.

In order  for car owners to get specific systems for BMW’s cars, they will have to look for alternative means, or get a customized interface for themselves. This will be heavy on the pocket no doubt, but it will be a small price to pay for a great driving experience.


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