This Is Where You Must Go When You Want To Lease a Van


With a start up in line:

A couple of years ago when I had starting planning a start up, there was one thing that I had to zero in on and that was to find a van leasing company that had not only the best vehicles for lease but also the best deals in the whole of Edinburgh on those vehicles!

So, did I find one?

Of course, with so much scouting and then asking everybody and then reading pages and pages on the internet had to yield great results. Obviously, initially I was confused because they all had different parameters at which they were really good. The big revelation that I had from this experience was that there was not one company that was good at everything.

Then, I spoke to a close friend who had also started a business a few months ago and that of delivery of goods from the farms to the city. He let me on to his secret that there were some very good van leasing deals Edinburgh had. As soon as I heard about the van leasing company that my friend described I instinctively decided to go for it.

The best sales team ever:

This leasing company had a fleet of the most recently launched vans and almost all of them were good enough for my work. Besides, the mileage offers that the company offered was too good to be true.

The best part was the buying of the van:

At the end of the lease period, I had the option of paying a balloon payment which sounded so reasonable that I thought it was indeed a good idea to own the vehicle. The ides was in fact to start owning a fleet slowly so that the dependence on these leasing companies was reduced. I am proud to say that in only five years for that first leasing, today the company boasts of ten owned vehicles and all of them bought at extremely good rats from the same leasing company by paying balloon payments. Why don’t you try them?


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